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We have set up this page to give the communities of Lochaber an online area to post helpful information, links to resources, downloads, etc.

Basically, anything that could be helpful during this period. 

We’ve started with the video below but will add more and give the page more structure as more items are posted 🙂

community resources

Good news needed.

With the current Covid-19 situation progressing hourly it seems, we would like to create a platform to share good news with people. If your business is making changes for example to help the elderly or high-risk community members, to offer home delivery, to postpone courses or events for your customers or to make other arrangements we’d love to hear from you.

We (Zeemon Erhardt) would like to film short interviews of around a minute in length where you can share your information and the positive steps you are taking during these challenging times. Seeing a friendly face from another member of the community can be very important in these times and help to cut through what feels like an endless plethora of long written posts on social media.

If you are interested please get in touch!

Download a pdf flag here just click on the image

Click on the link below to download this Flag


Click on the link below to download this Flag


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