Fort William Board Mania

Fort William board mania

Fort William board mania

Fort William board mania is a table top games kids club, set up to encourage kids to play more board games, with family and independently.

We run it from Fort William Football Club – kids £2 with additional siblings £1 – parents must stay and play

Any new members please read. This is a kids table top games club, and as such we will be focussing more on kids and family games. So in order to come along, you will need to be a parent/guardian or in charge of a child for the day! 😀 It is also not a drop off club, the parent or guardian will need to stay and play and get involved. We will be there to facilitate, hopefully show you some new games and explain some of the rules as that is the boring bit of game play. Play anything that’s there, but try not to lose or damage the pieces, if that does happen please let us know – and please respect your environment and other games players. The entry is £2 per child with £1 for each additional sibling. Please brings the kids along and make this a success!

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