A Paginated Post which is also a ‘Sticky’

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News fron No Fuss Towers

What is happening at No Fuss Towers With the Wee Triathlon almost at bursting point! Macavalanche sold out and a massoofe waiting list! 10 Under the Ben in May is the big boy and with 400 already signed up the 15th Birthday Bash is going to be huge. Scotland’s Original and Best Endurance Mountain Bike … Read more

3 out 7 of the hardest hikes in the UK here in Lochaber: The 7 most difficult hiking trails

https://www.instagram.com/p/BxOwsaChp86/?utm_source=ig_embed When it comes to vertical ascents, the UK has more challenges than you might think. From the heights of the Highlands to the Lake District and Snowdon, there’s plenty here to keep the avid adventurer occupied. No need to don your best climbing gear, just (relatively) straightforward hikes that require a hell of a … Read more

Which of the most exciting new films coming out in 2020 do we think will be on at the new Highland Cinema| WIRED UK

“I don’t know about you but I’m starting to get very excited about this summer’s movies and can’t stop wondering which ones will be on at the Highland Cinema. I hope the new Dune movie show, fingers crossed” We’re barely into 2020 and we’ve already seen a glut of outstanding new films, including the Oscar … Read more

Highland Cinema post goes viral on Facebook!

The recent post From Highland Cinema Fort William has gone viral on Facebook with 797 likes, 250 comments, and 150 shares.  There’s a lot of excitement out there locally. Check out the comments and find out what people are saying. Highland Cinema will have a head start on their frequently asked questions judging from the … Read more

Scottish Highlands voted best holiday destination in the WORLD for 2020

Scottish Highlands voted best holiday destination in the WORLD for 2020 THE SCOTTISH Highlands has been voted the best place to take a holiday in the WORLD for 2020, a study has found. Despite the clouds of biting midges and heavy rainfall – with Fort William in the Highlands officially the wettest place in Britain, … Read more

Support the Westie Warriors!

Students and staff at any of our centres, join the challenge and get rowing for Row Britannia! Our team the Westie Warriors need to hit 2,020 miles (3,251km) by 13th of March. Log your distance here: http://bit.ly/WestieWarriors Watch out for the rowing machine in some centres, and anyone at other locations can participate by visiting … Read more

History Glencoe Massacre

#OTD On this day in history, 13th February 1692, the Glencoe Massacre took place. Many Scottish clans had remained loyal to King James II after he was replaced on the English and Scottish thrones by William III in 1689. In August 1691 the government offered an indemnity to all chiefs who took an oath of … Read more

Highland Cinema Update!

? Highland Cinema Update! ? We are delighted to say the Highland Cinema is on schedule for the 9th of May opening! The roof is on, beautiful stone walls progressing well, the rooms are plaster boarded, bar is being made, and the windows are in. This week the underfloor heating goes in, and only three months until … Read more